Only available at Costco Wholesale, where you can't actually buy it like the wholesale good it should be, and instead need to order at your local dealer who bought them from the manufacturer wholesale and will obfuscate the price into mid-level BMW territory and be sure to sell you on the "paint protection" package… » 3/02/15 1:26pm Monday 1:26pm

Fahey, I'm curious to know your opinion of the top "consumer-level" racing wheels on the market. You've done the Mad Catz and the Thrustmaster; I'm wondering what else out there you've tried (Logitech G27, fanatec GT3) and if you find one to be a solid leader for the money. » 3/01/15 8:22pm Sunday 8:22pm

"An unauthorized third party has compromised the personal data of our third party, independent contractors. As these drivers are not employees of Uber, we claim no responsibility for their reckless actions and apologize to our riders for the forthcoming service disruptions we predict will impact selected markets.… » 2/27/15 6:16pm 2/27/15 6:16pm

There aren't many of these left around and for something as low mileage as this I'd think about it hard. But I can't start thinking Nice Price until we get closer to stock, or if a big ol' bucket of factory parts is included. CP until further notice. » 2/27/15 8:30am 2/27/15 8:30am

That's a pretty sweet PS4 bundle, but this is now the third or fourth major discount promo for the PS TV I've seen from Best Buy. It's getting clear that the demand for the thing is falling way below expectations. » 2/23/15 1:05pm 2/23/15 1:05pm

I think it's going to be the Corvette. While the batshit insane ZR1 will probably always have the supercharger, I doubt we're going to see boosted engines across the lineup. The Vette's V8 is as iconic as the car's heritage, and as the last holdout of truly American performance engineering, no business case has any… » 2/18/15 9:38am 2/18/15 9:38am